Valentine Ozigbo, the flag-bearer of the Peoples’ Democratic Party in the 2021 Anambra governorship election, received another key endorsement leading to the November 6 election after he received the approval of Hausa community in Anambra State.

The epoch-making event was held at the Ozigbo Vanguard office in Awka and attracted over a thousand members of the Hausa community living in the southeastern state.

While announcing the endorsement, the leader of the Hausa community in Anambra State, Alhaji Bashir Mohammed, said Mr Ozigbo deserves their support as he is the only candidate that has reached out to them and made solid plans to partner with them if elected.

Alhaji Mohammed assured his followers that Ozigbo has listened to their various requests, especially regarding security, and would treat them graciously, urging them to vote Ozigbo and the PDP as the ruling APGA has failed to live up to expectations.

In his reaction, Ozigbo thanked the large gathering for coming out in their numbers to show solidarity for his candidacy, promising to reciprocate their actions when he gets into office.

Ozigbo, who Mr Peter Obi, the immediate past Governor of Anambra State, accompanied to the event, also pledged to create a free and fair environment for all businesses to thrive irrespective of the state of origin or tribe of the owners of the business. He also promised to ensure the peace and freedom of worship of the adherents of all faiths in the state.

“I am excited to see you all turn out in your large numbers to speak with one voice. This is a historic gesture, and I will never forget it,” Ozigbo, a respected business mogul, stated.

“I want to assure you that you will be happier when I become the governor of Anambra State. You will be free to go about your business without fear of harassment.

“You will be part of my government and feel the impact of good governance. Anambra will be your home, and you will be free to express your faith.

“I assure you that this support will be the best decision you have made in Anambra State. I will pay you back with love and treat you like members of my family,” Ozigbo declared to resounding applause from the animated crowd.

In his remarks, Mr. Peter Obi thanked the group for taking a stand and opting to be on the right side of history, reassuring them Ozigbo will not take their support for granted.

“Anambra is your home. We are all Nigerians and want to live in a peaceful, secure country. Just like our brothers have become members in your various states, you are now one of us and deserve a governor that will accommodate you,” Mr. Obi said.

“On November 6, I want you all to come out in your large numbers to vote for Ozigbo. He is experienced, well-travelled and will make business easier for you.

“When I was governor, I ensured that the mosque in Awka was functional, and I am sure Ozigbo will do the same. A vote for Ozigbo will be a vote for progress and a brighter future,” Obi, who was the PDP Vice-Presidential candidate in the 2019 general election, said.

While making a brief speech, the youth leader of the Hausa Community in Anambra State, Lawal Mohammed, affirmed that they had tabled several requests to Ozigbo, who has assured them that he would attend to them.

“We believe in Ozigbo, and our belief is made more robust with the presence of His Excellency Peter Obi, who treated us kindly during his tenure. On November 6, we will vote for Ozigbo because we believe that he is the answer to our prayers,” Mohammed said.

Valentine Ozigbo is a multiple award-winning global CEO with over 27 years of excellent service in diverse fields, including banking, finance, hospitality, diplomacy, oil and gas, energy, agribusiness, entertainment, sports development, philanthropy, technology and education.

Since emerging as the PDP candidate for the Anambra guber election in June 2021, Ozigbo has received the endorsement of a host of women, market, community, religious, and support groups, placing him as the candidate to beat in the November 6 election.

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