Valentine Ozigbo Reveals Revolutionary Plan To Boost Agricultural Potential Of Ayamelum As PDP’s LG Campaign Tour Picks Steam

Valentine Ozigbo, the flag-bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2021 Anambra governorship election, has unveiled his ground-breaking plan for the expansion of the agricultural industry in Ayamelum Local Government Area.

Mr Ozigbo made this known on Saturday, September 25, 2021, when the PDP held its local government rally in Ayamelum LGA. The rally is one of the similar rallies to be held in all the 21 local government areas of the state.

Ozigbo, who was received by a mammoth crowd of supporters, thanked the people of Ayamelum for their unwavering support for the Ka Anambra Chawapu project.

Ozigbo, who is the immediate past President of Transcorp Plc, said Ayamelum would feel the impact of his government, unlike the incumbent leaders who have lost touch with the needs of the people.

“Anambra is in a sorry state. In the past, Ayamelum could lay claim to being marginalised in Anambra,” Ozigbo declared.

“But now, all parts of Anambra have been marginalised because the government has completely abandoned its responsibility to the people. 

“There’s widespread insecurity, dilapidated infrastructures are littered all around the state, and governance has been replaced with thuggery and gangsterism.

“There are no jobs. There’s hunger in the land, the rift between farmers and herders rages on without a forceful intervention, and flooding continues to plague Ayamelum.

“I have come to tell you that there is hope. A glorious future awaits you. We have brought a message of restoration: a message of unity; a message of renewed prosperity to Ayamelum,” Ozigbo, a respected business mogul, assured.

Ozigbo went on to inspire the people to support the PDP and vote for him in the election by reeling out his Ka Anambra Chawapu programmes.

“Where do we start from? It begins from voting for a great leader who understands the needs of the people and has a clear blueprint for solving the problems of the people,” the PDP flag-bearer said.

“The Omambala area, which includes Ayamelum, is critical because it is an agricultural hotbed that contributes most of the food in Anambra.

“We will prioritise Omambala and make sure the farmers have market access. We will construct roads to ensure that your farm produce gets to the market in record time eliminating waste.

“I urge you to go out there and canvass for votes, vote for PDP and protect your votes. Your future depends on it, and when we achieve victory, I will make you proud,” Ozigbo promised.

In her remarks, made earlier, Ozigbo’s running mate, Mrs Azuka Enemo, lamented the level of decay in infrastructure in Ayamelum, promising to ensure that the situation is reversed.  

“On my way to Ayamelum today, the level of decay in infrastructure that we witnessed brought tears to my eyes. This is not political talk,” Mrs Enemo said.

“The only roads leading to Ayamelum were constructed by President Shehu Shagari and His Excellency Peter Obi.

“All of this will change if you come out en masse to vote for the Valentine Ozigbo, Azuka Enemo, and the PDP,” Enemo, a two-time Commissioner for Local Government Affairs, assured.

While delivering a powerful address, Chief Gabriel Onyenwife, a former member of the Federal House of Representatives, condemned APGA for neglecting the people of Ayamelum and failing to protect them and their farmlands from herders.

“Since Willie Obiano became governor, has APGA done anything for Ayamelum?” Chief Onyenwife questioned.

“Instead of protecting us, we have been left to our fate, especially with herdsmen rampaging our farmlands.

“Ayamelum has become desolate as a result of the ineptitude of APGA. It is time to vote APGA out! It is time to vote PDP in!

“We are predominantly farmers, and one of our major problems is the menace of herdsmen. It is, therefore, unbelievable that our governor is dragging his feet in passing the anti-grazing law, which will protect our lives and our means of livelihood.

“APC is not even an option because they have shown a lack of commitment towards introducing ranching, which is the standard practice for cattle herding in modern societies.

“Our candidate, Valentine Ozigbo, has excelled in corporate governance, where global best practices are deployed to solve problems. Ozigbo is well learned and will ensure that Ayamelum reaches its full potential and competes with other agricultural hubs worldwide.

“Before the primaries, Ozigbo visited Ayamelum multiple times and has listened to what you expect from your next leader. Now is the time for us to rally support for him to ensure that he fulfills his promise and leads Anambra to greatness,” the former lawmaker added.

Valentine Ozigbo is a multiple award-winning global CEO who recently stepped down from the boards of Transcorp Plc in April 2021 to dedicate the next chapter of his life to public service.

Ozigbo’s awe-inspiring resume includes valuable experiences in key sectors of the economy, including agriculture, hospitality, banking, oil and gas, power, tourism, finance, sports development and entertainment.

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